Sunday, September 26, 2010



Sometimes in Australia when it gets really hot and I think "gee I miss the frozen Northland .. the true north strong and free..." and I feel like standing on guard a bit.... I just go ahead and get naked (if I am not already) ....


... and I open the freezer and take out all the packs of meat and berries and pause for a moment to think of all the pemmican this could make back home ... and then climb in the freezer and pretend that I am home .. running in the annual "be one with the moose" run (only just we are naked .....the meese are not... it makes us feel more mooselike ...)


That only lasts for a few minutes until A - either my face starts to stick to the side of the freezer and I have TOLP "tongue on lampost panic" - I have PTSD over those experiences let me tell you .. scarred for life ... and I am over mising the cold .. or B - the hubby comes home and does his best imitation of "elk in heat " bellow only it is not THAT kind of heat.  You know where it starts out kinda deep and belllowing and ends up in this strangled bugling screech??  Ya .. that kind and he goes .... "BBBBBBBBBBBlisssssssssssssssss.....(screeching now) WTF are you doing????? "  (then all sound stops and there is just this hissing noise as he truns purple and rushes to get the garage door down and stand between me and the crowd of neighbours that have gathered) 

And I never tell him the truth .... Aussies would never understand the call of the snow and the moose ... so I lie and tell him I was looking for the pack of Witchetty Grubs - does he know if we have any left?   It works every time .... and the moment has passed ... and I lovingly pack away my chap stick for next time ..

SKIN: Rockberry
HAIR: Clawtooth
LASHES: Redgrave
OUTFIT: Coeur Noir
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