Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Velours Mahogany has created a new skin for their Freckles Designs called "Lou." She handed me the sample without any pressure to blog if I did not want to. I wanted to. One of the things I found most interesting was her comment that "this one is quite a bit younger."

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I learned early on from Carissa Crimson who designs Silhouette Shapes that a designer often wears their creation for days while they tweak it. I decided then and there, more than a year ago, that I would stop trying on anything and deciding in seconds "yes" or "no." What I found was that my initial reaction had nothing to do with my final decision. Items, whether it be hair or skins, that I intially loved, I often did not care for by the time I wore them, or even tried them on several times. And conversely, those I did not care for at first, I quite often really appreciated at the end. I learned to take the demos, to take them home, and not to jump the gun.

I learned to look at the blogs and figure which skins that someone I followed looked good on her and me. I learned to figure out which ones she wore, I would not be able to. I learned to always be willing to try them for myself and make up my own mind and not be influenced by the fact there was a stampede to the store.

I found it takes time with skins to adjust from the one you are wearing to the new one ... it takes time to see the possibilities, it takes time to try different looks, hair and clothes .... and for the amount of money skins cost .. why would you ever let anyone rush you to buying something you will not wear??

I put this skin on expecting to see a little girl and that is not a look I often play with. Initially I thought, "nope this is not going to work," and then I had to leave the skin on while I did something else, tried on some different hair, and I was hooked. I began to see the possibilities and I played with it and I tried some of the other make-ups and then the different skin tones and I thought wow ... I like this ... and I do not think it looks like a little girl at all could .. but not the way I did her.

Lou comes with so many options and lipsticks and skin tones and really fresh and pretty mak-ups. Velours is just beginning her efforts into more grown up skins and I can see the improvement from the last one to this one and it is darn excting to be part of a growing talent. I wish her all the luck in the world and cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.

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