Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Thing About SL Fashion ....


The thing about SL fashion is that it cheapens us ... you know .. there is some dignity in asking for $200 to buy a pair of shoes in RL ... People know you are not shopping at Payless.


But when your friends and family leave the room and your are couch surfing looking for loose change .. you know you have been reduced to SL fashion maniac .... Normally you don't bother with things like quarters and dimes but in SL ... a few of those and you have a GOWN!!!! I have been reduced to taking pop bottles back to the store! I have a lemonade stand on the street corner. I even frame my childrens finger painting and claim it is priceless art when I try to sell it at swap and meets."


So now when the kids go .... "Meh Grandma sent me $20 what am I suppose to do with THAT?" I encourage their outrage .. "you know what .. you are right .. you can't do a darn thing with that .. you know what .. you should protest it. Protest it by just saying "here mom" and handing it over to me so that Grandma knows that you are worth sooo much more than a measly $20. Cause I know you are!" (kiss kiss on top of forehead while taking the $20 out of their little sweaty hand).

Then you pat them on the back and go shopping and then let them look at how pretty mommy looks in her new ballgown, hair and shoes ... take a picture and send it to Grandma .. she needs a wake up call about the high cost of Real Life ...

SKIN: Redgrave
HAIR: Boon
LASHES: Wasabi
DRESS: Utopia
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