Saturday, September 18, 2010

This Is The Dress Mothers Warn Their Sons About.


I think Moms should just mind their own business .. I mean how many perfectly good realtionships have they ruined with their meddling and saged advice? Who eats sage anyway other than in turkey stuffing???


We wouldn't need places like or Babes, One hour red light if moms just minded their own business. The names Amber and Bambi might actually be ones used in nunneries instead of 24 hour porn sites if not for moms forcing their sons underground. I think moms are just bitter cause they know they couldn't wear a dress like this anymore and so they are all like .. whoa '"those kind of girls are not the ones you bring home to mother!" I am thinking, if I was a guy I would be like ... BONUS!!! I wasn't planning on hanging out with you anyway so take my plate off the dinner table!

But then ever notice how there isn't any pictorial evidence of what SHE wore when she met your dad? Or of the cautions HIS mother gave him about HER? No we just have the sort of oozing resentment and really lousy Christmas gifts to give us some idea of how she felt ... and really now that your mom is 50 .. you think grandma could lay off with the crying in her peas at every family dinner and the holy grail she has set up for the dance partner she thought would have been perfect for Stevey ....

I like to take my mom by the hand and tell her "clothes don't make the woman mom .. really ... here look in dad's closet ... see all his dresses ..... and he is definitely NOT a slut!"

I think moms need us to help them get over themselves sometimes ....

HAIR: Boon
LASHES: On The Catwalk
DRESS: Insolence
SHOES: Baiastice
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