Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Need a Cow Princess.


I think that we should just stop the pretending and go for the gusto. To heck with MS Universe and World and Galaxy and Closet .... we need a "Miss Cow" for SL.  She can be the "Cow Princess."   We can crown her just before we chose the "Drama Queen."  There can be a parade and everything and Cow Princess dudette can ride a cow and marshall the parade.  Drama queen gets a car .. only cause if she were to walk we would not be able to guarantee her safety ...


I think we should all get to vote and nominate the contestants and the winners ...


And then they can open up their own schools and train others in the "way of the drama cows"   you know... how to bellow, how to MOOOOVE everyone else out of the way, milking each situation for all you can get to avoid mad cow disease and "Hoof in mouth"....  it could be very helpful .. I see cows messing up all over the place .. they need a school ...

to be herded to  ..

and contained ....

all in favour? 

Send me your nominations and we can announce the winner and award her the prize ... And all week vacation at the cow spa .. she can be up to her armpits in BullS**T.  It is so good for the skin .... and we could use a break in here from all that for a week ...

SKIN: Oceane's
LASHES: Redgrave
POSES: Posies
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