Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bring in the Packages please Cheeves.


I always wonder about names .... like if you name your child do you predetermine their destiny?  I never heard of a Cheeves or a Jeeves as a president or a doctor .. they always seem to be chauffers or butlers ...."Hi this is my son Jeevey/Cheevey and we are so hoping he goes into butlerism or gets a PHD in chauffering."  Can you imagine the poor kid on the playground ... "Hey Cheeves ... Drive THIS!!!"


See John is safe ... you have a whole scope of possibilities from being president or being a frequenter of prostitutes .. .OH forget that .. that is the same profession .....


I think we should just refuse to name children on the grounds of it may scar them for life or limit them in a real and damaging way .. in fact some of us should start suing our folks now for the monikers they laid on us .. and the hospitals for allowing it and forcing them to make snap decisions.   OH and the government for requiring it.  I am getting my "sue underwear" on as we talk .... it is sturdy, able to go for the long haul, tightens its stranglehold as the day goes on and refuses to move.

We should just wait until they are about 30 and then decide what their name should be according to what they "blossomed" into ... but it will be confusing to have so many name "Schmucky."

SKIN: Laqroki
EYES: Ibanez
DRESS: Sonatta Morales
SHOES: AW Designs
EARRINGS: Dustarrz
POSES: Body Talking
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