Monday, October 25, 2010

Canadians Vs. Snow


We are strong, true, free and north (not necessarily in that order) and sometimes, just because we are bored stupid, we like to test ourselves against the true measure of all humanmankindedness and just take on the snow ....


Here I am marching right out in  my heels and my grogeous flirty dress taking on the snow ... stomping proud .. screaming at the heavens .. "HAHA ... try to take me.  I am Canadian .. I laugh in the face of snow ... HAHAHAHAHA!


Note the steely determination in my eyes ( note the expert PS work at removing all blue tones from the picture - especially my lips?)

(Missing from the article ...Pictures - me doing face plant in the snow, emergency rescue team prying me off the ice, me in hospital missing part of my nose that fell off from being frozen, me in hospital after plastic surgery to reattach nose, me on The SWAN .. winning hands down on the episode called .. The Noseless one .. renosed .. and now a beauty Queen.)

SKIN: Cupcakes
LASHES: The Obscene
HAIR: Head Mistress
DRESS: B! Fashion
SHOES: Taboo
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