Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do You Like Butter?


There is definitely a communication gap.  Definitely.  My grandparents made NO sense whatsoever.


I mean they couldn't even just ask ... "hey would you like some butter?" and let you say "no thank-you .. I don't like butter,"  NO NO NO ... there is a test ... find a buttercup and hold it under your chin ... THAT tells you whether ... unbeknownst to you ... you like butter or not.

And try to find a buttercup in February ... wow .. we spent three months at the table once waiting to find out if one of the hired men liked butter ... no-one touched their bread,  we were that rivetted to know ....

Finally someone found a buttercup .... (good thing I had to pee like crazy).  They held it under his chin .....and ...


It was yellow ... He did ... like butter .. .although how anyone could see with 3 months of beard growth ....

but not sure now seeing as once we finally passed the rancid butter and spread it on the moldy bread he had to be rushed to the hospital...

I don't think he likes butter anymore ....

HAIR: W&Y Hair
LASHES: Silhouette
SHOES: B! Fashion
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