Monday, October 4, 2010

Hunting and Searching.

gdaf 3

I never really got the whole hunting thing .. I mean "Let's go hunting for ducks!" 

"Ok follow me!  There they are out on the slough, just like I figured.  Ok we found them .. now what?  Do we hide and they come find us?"

Imagine my surprise when they pulled the guns out and started shooting.

gdaf 1

Thank heavens my screams gave them a chance to run for it. (the ducks not the "hunters")

gdaf 4

Unfortunately it did not have the same impact on my grandfather .. he was not impressed. And you should never argue with a man who has a gun in his hand ... no matter how salient your point is that calling it "hunting" is really misleading ... isn't it techinically "shooting?"  

I let my grandfather make his point and did not bat an eye as my brother sat there smirking at me like I was an idiot.  He smirked for quite awhile ... until the next game of hide and go seek when it was my turn to "hunt" for him and I showed up with the shotgun ....

SKIN: Iconic
HAIR: Fab. Pony
DRESS: Son!a
SHOES: Lemania
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