Friday, October 29, 2010

In Yo' Face!


I think dancing is much more fun when you make it a contact sport with points and a clear winner.


You should be able to incorporate ballgown bowling, and tackling into the movemements.  Just like with the jive where you pick the girl up and twirl her over your head and around your body etc ... only this time you use her like a weapon .. sort of "assisted martial arts" and you drop kick the other "teams."  You could have penalties like .. kicking below the belt and you get two minutes of  "riverdancing" no arm movements allowed (try lifting the girlfriend with your teeth).

Last team standing at the end of the song "wins!"   Now THAT I could really get into ... gee if only they had done this back in Junior High ... wow .... I bet my boyfriend wouldn't have been so interested in kissing Colleen if she had been missing a few teeth  .....but then again .... he was a hockey player so maybe he would have ...

sigh ...

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