Thursday, October 21, 2010

Of Random Doors.


See you probably look at this old door in the forest and think ... wow artistic .. someone set that up for a completely artistic deal ...nope ...

cccotd 3

My grandfather would have done that .. he would have bought it at an auction because there was some good wood in that, if someone were to strip it down, sand it, pull the nails out and build a beautiful curio box.  He was like that .. always buying stuff at the auction cause he could see the possibilities if someone would just "insert anything that is completely unlikely and would take hours and years to do" OR becasue "you never knew...."

cccotd 2

The problem is that "someone" never visited our house and we never did know ....

cccotd 4

So we had random doors in the forest, broken lights in the house and my personal favourite ... a whole box of size 12 pointy pointy toe highheeled shoes that when he bought them, the local men cheered and were very very friendly to him after that .....

He thought maybe we could gluegun some macaroni on them, spray paint them and make planters out of them ... rrrrright ......

SKIN: Unique Megastore
HAIR: Analog Dog
DRESS: Anubis Style's
SHOES: Nardcotix
POSES: Body talking
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