Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Passing of Time.


The passing of time is very much like the passing of gas .. but not as stinky .. all the time ....kinda ...


As you get older what used to take centuries to pass, happens in a mere snap of the fingers ... especially sex ... way too much quick snapping going on .. someone needs to do something about that ....  I think that may be why the Goreans are so big into snapping fingers to order people around .. snapping hides a myriad of short comings .. especially if the hands are carefully placed when snapping to block the view ...


The other thing about time passing is that it takes us prisoner and takes us with it.  That is why I am organizing a "Let's jump off the Time Train Day."  At precisely noon tomorrow lets all throw away the clocks and the calendars and refuse to be defined anymore by the passing of years.  Grab some sticky tape and put it over the clock on your computer screen.  (or ask one of your co-workers to stand there and hold their thumb over it .. especially if you have that kind of power with your position at work ...)

The beauty of this is .. as you age your memory goes .. so after a couple of days with no clock or calendar you will forget how old you really are and you can make up an age and be that age ...

Think of it this way ... when you die, tragically in your mid twenties, everyone will be so upset there will be wayyy more people at your funeral.  People look at 90 year olds who die and go, "ya expected that, no biggy."  Only the children you have managed not to alienate who don't know you blew your life savings show up ...and the three other people who have alzheimers and don't really know you anyway. .. but a young 20 year old .. everyone will be there ...

And I don't know for sure .. but I would imagine .. if you arrive in Heaven and there is a big party going on back on earth .. you get some extra perks .. like maybe some extra sparkles around your halo or something .. not sure .. but definitely extra Philadelphia cream cheese ....

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