Tuesday, October 12, 2010



I had a pet leopard once ... well ok it was not actually a "leopard" ... it was normally kinda orangey and I painted on the spots.  But I used to walk all over the place with the "leopard" on a lead, scaring people.


Like I would walk into a room and sit down and the "leopard" would just stand there ... all hungry like ... licking its lips and I would have to say ... "don't try to pet this thing .. .it is not just any "kitty" you know .. it is a "leopard" and it could kill you with one swipe."  My "leopard" was a one girl kind of "kitty.'  There was no way it was going to stand for anyone else trying to tell it to sit or petting it .


And then one day my grandmother had just had enough of living in fear and she stamped her foot and yelled at me .... "Blissy take that damn cow BACK to the barn NOW!"

SKIN:  Dream Ink
OUTFIT:  Sonatta Morales
EARRINGS:  Primagine
SHOES:  N Core
POSES:  Body Talking
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