Sunday, October 31, 2010



Ever noticed that when you go to a doctors office and are waiting to see him that every single person does this ....


They go to the desk and register, then come back and sit down and .. SIGH ...  Then they pick up a magazine to read and ... SIGH ....  Then they stop at some point in reading it and ... SIGH ....

Check it out next time you are there ... I think everyone just wants to impress on everyone that they are really really really sick ....


I am very competitive and like to make a game out of it ... I call it waiting room Bingo .... under the G ... gallstones .... anyone got those?  Under the B .... loBotomoy .. anyone had one?  Under the O heart surgery ... anyone?   Under the I ...itchy hemorrohoids .... BINGO!!!!!!  I win !  I am the sickest ... WHOOOOOOT!

That way the time passes much quicker and you bond with people who may be your room mates very soon ... and frankly once you put on a hosptial gown amongst a crowd of people .. that's a bond that cannot be broken .. so start early .. in the waiting room .. ice- breakers ... you will thank me .. I promise.

More Pictures here.

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