Tuesday, October 19, 2010


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I have admitted I am not a spider lover.  I understand Miss Muffet and her abandoning her tuffet  completely ... except I would have used the tuffet to club the spider to death ....

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So why did I move to a country with some of the biggest and baddest spiders on the planet? 

.... because I was reallllly dumb .... and all the ads showed Koala's NOT spiders.

They don't tell you that every morning you have to go out and free the little school children from the ginormgantuous spider webs so they can make the bus ....

gsg 3

And again .. I am very bitter about the naming of these things... it is simply not fair to call them Banana spiders when it gives one false expectations that if you avoid bananas you are safe.  These are "hang freaking everywhere spiders" .... in fact I have NEVER seen one on a banana .. ever .. liars .. all of them ... covering for the spiders .. pfft.

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