Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yodel Hey Yodel Ho


When we go on trips we like to get out and walk around ... here I am in the hills ... this was a lovely day ....
except for the hubby who never plays along ...


"You're doing it again."
"Well we are in the hills and I am doing a show ...."
"For the cows?"
"Those aren't cows silly .. I am a professional and professionals can work with whatever you have ,... I am recreating the Sound of Music ....  that one there is Friedrich .. that one Liesel ..."
"Um it doesn't sound like music ..."
"We are just rehearsing right now."
"Ok look I am going to walk ahead .. you count to 100 and stay right here until I am out of sight ok?  Then feel free to carry on with your "production."  I will meet you back at the car ...."


"Don't you want to play the part of Mother Superior?   You would be perfect for the role?"

He left me standing there.  But the bus full of Japanese tourists were happy to help out .... at times like this I only have one thing to say ... bless the karaoke machine ... and the cows were awesome ...
HAIR: Diversity Hair
LASHES: Silhouette
OUTFIT: Connors
SHOES: PixelFashion
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