Saturday, October 9, 2010

Your Inner Child.

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I really embrace all this stuff about being free and living life to the fullest so when I read about we need to let our inner child be more free - I was in!!   I started to wear my fairy wings, my tiara and my little short airy dress with bright pink tights ... everywhere ....  I was Blissybell!   And I insist, when in costume, that everyone refer to me as such ( it helps keep me authentic).

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It is true what they say .. if you just let go ... you fall.  But then you can take that as symbollic of the struggle of your life to hold on so tight and then when you let go .. yes you do hit the cement, if you are hanging on to the ledge of the bedroom window, and you do crack your head open and shatter your elbow when you land on it, and there is alot of blood and screaming ... but you live.  You go to the hospital and you get some swell drugs, and a neat cast for people to write on and a lot of sympathy (well as long as you don't tell them HOW it happened)....

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But the most magical thing that happens as you give in to the inner child and be the fairy you were always meant to be with your wings and tiara and tutu? 

The silence....

No-one in the whole family wants to go anywhere with you and you finally get some quality alone time ...

Be a fairy ... trust me ... it is soooo worth it....

(Disclaimer:  probably best NOT to insist Policemen call you your special fairy name when they are writing you tickets for "illegal sprinkling of fairy dust,"  "illegal possesion of banned sprinkle fairy dust substances,"  or "driving while sprinkling," or "removing your tu-tu in order to commit illegal sprinkling" ... they don't seem to speak Fairy ...)

SKIN: Redgrave
HAIR: Truth
DRESS: Angelwing
POSES: Posies
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