Monday, November 15, 2010

Abandoned vehicles.


You know there was a time when vehicles were the main option for "romantic" endings.  You could park somewhere and have a private time before heading home.  In fact this very vehicle might have been the auspicious start to someone's life ... ever think about where you were conceived?  (caution don't go here if you are still pretending that your parents do not have sex)


Vehicles were a big part of our culture at one time.  We used to all pile in and go to drive-ins.  You paid by the car load ... so of course the object was to hide as many people in the trunk as possible when you drove into the theatre ... (well someone had to hold the beer to make sure the bottles didn't clink when you drove through) but of course that was back in the day of innocence where you were allowed to lie and sneak things in and out as a sort of a right of passage. 

Like everyone counted as you parked and opened the trunk and people piled out .. and once you passed 15 .. you had the respect of everyone else at the drive-in....and no security came around and asked dumb questions like ... "ok there is room for 6 in your car .. why are there 32 people sitting all over the car inside and out?"  Everyone just assumed you had friends and somewhere in the massive car park with a screen in front of it ... there were empty cars.  I mean if you could not see in the fogged windows .. technically there could just be a heavy breathing dog in there right?

And lots of important life stuff got settled in those environments ... like that your brothers friend thought you were hot and as soon as your brother left for uni he would so date you.  Or that hot dogs were made up of disgusting things not worth mentioning ... which your brother felt important to share with you when he had no money left, was starving, and you just bought yourself a hotdog.  And that girls found your brother attractive and although no explanation was ever given for that one .. it was one of those oddities of life that are never answered.  Just strange.

Nowadays you just pull out your phone, watch a movie while you make out in your massive bedroom with the locked door, razor wire barrier.  There is no thrill, no creativity awards, no danger of getting caught, no surprises .... you wikipedia anything you don't know ...

Oh and there aren't any ginormous dill pickles on a stick anymore either ....

Life went to hell when they stopped making those ...

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