Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ahhh almost summer ...


I love it when the pool is just about ready ...


Hubby always feels the need to prove how manly that he is and go in wayyy before I do .... my knight in shining armour testing the water for me ... clearing out the spiders and the alligators and snakes ....even if he refuses to wear the tinfoil suit I made him and ride the dog "Out into battle" for effect you know ... although I point out the tinfoil is the perfect sunscreen ....


I have asked him if he could not scream when he hits the water ... it scares the neighbourhood children and besides it always interrupts me when I am trying to concentrate on SL. 

"I could be dying out there and you wouldn't even come to find out?"
"I am trying to concentrate."
"I thought women are supposed to be able to multi task?"
"We can."
"Well then?"
"But only on the stuff we want to ..."
"OH Well PARDON ME ... I will just try to keep it down ... I mean I will TRY not to disturb you with my dying ...."
"That would be good, thanks ..."


I think summer brings out the best in people.

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