Thursday, November 25, 2010



So one year the Aardvark decided it was time my brother and I saw Alaska ..


He piled us all in the car and drove like a maniac and we got there and he drove to the middle of more nowhere than we already were and said .. "This is muskeg ... Behold the Muskeg" He said it like he expected heavenly choirs to punctuate his observance with some dynamic AMEN but there was just the sound of flies .. not nearly the same thing .. well depends on the choir I guess ....

He was big on sharing the outdoors and having us experience it. Like, "here this bark!" and, "you gotta try the grass," ... or,  "lick this rock ... it has nutrients!"

So he opened our doors and said .. "If you stand in it you will sink up to your knees .. or even further.  It is very cushiony and soft.  Here, go try it..." and he pushed us towards it.

My brother insisted I go first .. he and grandpa and grandma watching ... I waded in and began to sink .. I looked down ... then ....


...looked up .... just in time to see all 3 of them racing to the car.   I heard all 3 car doors slam shut and they roared out of sight in a cloud of dust and left me with the choir of flies .. sinking ....

(I lived with the moose eating bark and grass for almost a summer before Sarah Palin's family found me and handed me in at the police station. They thought there was a reward ... cause I lied and said I was Anastasia and my daddy was the Czar of Russia.  There are a lot of bodies buried in Alaska ...I think that is where all the missing children have been left... go north and look for the moose ...)

SKIN: Fhang Candy
LASHES: Redgrave
HAIR: Son!a
DRESS: Clio -pret a porter
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