Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Sometimes you are just on a roll ....


"Oh mom .. that is so lame..."  Eye roll .. performed by the one, the only, amazing teenage daughter ....


"Your eyes will stay like that one day you know and people will think you are Stevie Wonder.  Except he is funkilicious and you will not be .. people will just think you are being cruel .. or your eyes will roll so far back into your head you won't be able to get them turned back and you will just see a big black hole ... and then your only hope is if zombies make as big a comeback as vampires at some point and you can pick up some work as an extra or the girl that gets killed off in the first scene or something .. just saying .. your choice though eye roll away if you must ...just don't come crying to me when it happens know your grandmother had a friend once who didn't listen to her mom and her eyes rolled continuously non stop so that she was always sea sick .. grandma told me .. she had to get a job in the circus as the bearded woman ,.. cause she had a beard too which I am sure was a side effect from eye rolling ....research is ongoing but there are probably lots of things that eye rolling causes .. like zits ... see .. there is another one coming right now .. middle of your forehead .. no up .. a bit more .. right there ..."


And like then she leaves the room and I know she is contemplating her life and the little lesson shared.  One generation to another, passing on the wisdom  ....

I love it when life hands you those golden moments and you know you have really excelled as a mom.

SKIN: Glam Affair
HAIR: I Love Olive
LASHES: Silhouette
OUTFIT: Glam Affair
BOOTS: Bax Coen
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