Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten .. well maybe .. I will Remind You When I Get Back ...


Hubby said, "Lets go away for a few days together just you and me."


"We are already together 24/7 how much more time do we need?"

"I know but lets go away somewhere … "

"You think we will be better in confined spaces? It might actually get ugly ... I don't like you in the car nearly as much as I do when there are escape routes between us. I kind of need that buffer zone between us .. for your own protection of course ..."

"Be serious .. It is your birthday let me surprise you."

"This isn't going to be like the last birthday surprise where I ended up with a great new golf bag for the golf clubs I don't own but that just happened to fit your set perfectly, is it?"


"Ok then surprise me."


So we only have a couple of days and he is stealing me away and I love it when he does that.

I hope it doesn't blow my cover to say I adore this man, he is simply the best. Not sure if you are supposed to still be in love after all this time and get butterflies when he touches you and stop and stare when he takes his shirt off but I do. What can I say? I like muscles ...


I try to take my shirt off sometimes too ,.. Just to see what kind of reaction I will get. It is usually something about what the neighbours are thinking, the law and public nudity etc. (that's AFTER the screaming, and throwing of tarps to cover me ..) I tried arguing once saying it wasn't fair .. men get to show their muscles and no-one says anything.

He told me ... "THOSE aren't muscles .. believe me..."

He used to be in intelligence and he often reminds me he could bring me to my knees with one move. I point out I could do the same thing with one knee .... even without the years of training. It is a stalemate .. I think that is what makes us so compatible … if we wrestled naked for hours ..there would be no clear winner …. We would just have to keep going .. And we do …

.....hehehe … bye ......see you all on the flip side.

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