Monday, November 8, 2010

Hope Chest.


My grandmother was always on about a girl should have a hope chest.


So at 8 I took one of her parachute type bras and began to toss my loose change into it "hoping" that one day I would have a chest .. but please God, not one like hers ...

When she explained to me that no no no ... it was for dishes and doilies and linens and things for when I get married .. that was when I realized the truth ... I was born into a family of cheapskates .. they expected me to get my own stuff just so they could avoid buying me shower and wedding presents ...


It's hard to gain back trust once it is lost like that ...

(just a word to the wise .. revenge is not a good idea .. telling your grandparents they too should have a hope chest and put in things like support hose, polydent, geritol, diapers and babyfood .. in hopes they will one day have a nice nursing home .... cause payback is a bitch baby ... is NOT the way to go .. I repeat .. NOT THE WAY TO GO ... .unless you are developing a fondness for meaningful conversations with Mr. Belt ...)

SKIN: Laqroki
HAIR: Vita's Boudoir
LASHES: Silhouette
OUTFIT: Angelwing
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