Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Met Arnold.


I met Arnold in Vancouver.  It was an impromptu meeting he arranged in the streets once with me.  He likes to call it "a breach of the restraining order" only because I think he is a little embarrassed about being star struck over me so I allow him his little faux pas regarding the description of how he met which I am sure he will clear up in his memoirs.


He was clearly driving the streets looks for me desperately because armed escorts of motorcycle cops blocked the street for miles .. I thought at first they had moved the Calgary Stampede and the parade was about to start but no we stood and waited .... not knowing ... And by the way how do you get to be an armed motorcycle cop becasue technically you have to take one hand off the bike to shoot and then like wouldn't it suck if you managed to subdue the bad guy but then you died cause you crashed your motorcycle?  And isn't that politically incorrect ... I don't go around saying .. hey I am an armed shopper .. cause I have two arms and you have none ... I just think the police departments need to be more sensitive about things like that.


Oh yah Arnie ... so the crowd started whispering it was Arnold Schwarzenhamandegger he was in town for a meeting and everyone was ooh and ahhing and saying "I'll be back."  I thought meh .. and  stood back because hey ... I like men that at least come to my forehead in height.  BUT I'll be darned if  the police officer obviously recognizing me, didn't yell out to me .. "hey Bliss ... come right up here to the front of the line you beautiful fashionista you .. Arnie has been looking for you for hours ...it would make his day if he could just say he actually saw you ..."  My hubby tired to say that is NOT what the officer said at all and I was like "Ok so maybe it was more like "...it would rock his world if he could say he actually saw you ..." 

"Nope .. it iwas more like ... 'Lady, get the hell back before I shoot you.' "

I moved to the front of the line and just then the big black limo swooshed past, the crowd was hit with a spray of "water" that smelled like .. nevermind ... I am sure the homeless people there are provided with bathrooms and would never use the gutters.    And I could see Arnie grinning at me, (you cannot mistake those teeth)  blowing kisses and holding up a sign saying .. Bliss I LOVE you .. I read EVERYTHING you write .. MARRY me ....(he has three hands I swear .. you can't be exposed to all that radiation in all those nuclear futuristic films and not grow an extra limb you know)

I stood there dripping ... sadly shaking my head ..  I couldn't do that to Maria ... besides .. he isn't even an A list movie star anymore .. he is just a politician now .. it is sad when talented people sink so low ...

SKIN:  League
HAIR:  I Love Olive
LASHES:  Silhouette
SCARF:  Lemania Indigo
DRESS:  Clio -pret a porter
SHOES:  Wetherby’s
BRACELET:  Picadi Jasha
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