Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Of Those Days.


You know how some mornings you get up and you realize it is just going to be one of those days? Today was one ... of those .. um ... days.


Ya ya it was sunny but you just knew there was a chance of homicide late afternoon ... and I would probably be the one doing the homicide. First I was stupid enough to go to the next level with my qi gong and who knew there were so many muscles in your feet that could all hurt at the same time .... Then you are out of coffee, the milk has gone sour, there is another email from your stalker, the kids are fighting and hubby casually mentions he should go "fetch"the snake he just chased up the tree while he is doing the breakfast dishes. (his not mine ... I was out of MY coffee and milk hence there were no dishes .. surprise .. his breakfast was intact ...)


Why do men always have to "share" what they are doing? No-one really wants to watch you pick a pimple, figure out how the new vcr works, shake your special package, watch you golf on Wii, or see you get the snake out of the tree. (the last one may need repeating several times in fact get a tattoo on your forehead with the message so that you are reminded next time you pick a pimple)

Now I don't know if the snake is out of the tree .. why are snakes in trees anyway??? The Bible clearly says they are condemned to crawl around on the earth on their belly .. hint earth .. ground .. trees .. not ground. Good Lord I just got over worrying about the damn spiders and their webs big enough to take a cow down and now I have to worry about snakes dropping on my head ...

I prefer life with my delusions ... seriously ... the non-snake ones ...

SKIN: Dream Ink
LASHES: Silhouette
HAIR: Truth
PANTS: R.icielli
SHOES: Baby Monkey
POSES: Gesticulate
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