Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Panoptic Architecture


Paisley laughed at my pants yesterday .. but they had the last revenge cause when she cameraed in to see them ... it made her viewer crash.  Other guests spoke of being transported to a different dimension when they looked at them which my pants have done for years .. what can I say .. I just have it.  


I was actually trying to buy my way in with the SLipsters cause they were on the show and I so wanted their approval but then all these girls showed up in the front row with bananas and no-one noticed me ... so then ILLbxby mentioned Panoptic Architecture and we were all like .. "WHOA dude ... what does that mean?" And he said it was architecture designed to make you look at a certain point and then Paisley said oh I thought it had something to do with breasts and then she shared her breasts were completely self architectured .... nothing plastic there...but defintely Panopitc Architecture.


And I love it when you have those moments and everything just sort of comes together cause when you think about it we were a TV show resplendent in Panoptic Architecture .... Paisley's Breasts and my pants ....except I am not sure how many people were looking at her breasts .. not with my pants in the room anyway ...

OH ... and I never made it "in" with the SLipsters ...but thanks for asking .... I will always be on the outside looking in ... even with the classy nerds ... sigh ....but I am not giving up .. next stop .. under a bridge near you.  I am thinking bag lady is a look I can pull off.

SKIN:  LeLutka
LASHES: Silhouette
PANTS:  R.icielli
TOP UNDER:  SecondWave Apparel
TOP:  R.icielli
SHOES:  Nardcotix
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