Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Don't you love the part in old movies when the person said ... "just let me slip into something a bit more comfortable .." and they they came out in some amazingly beautiful lingere?

You can't do that anymore.


Either the people are already naked and you are like "dude seriously ..put your clothes back on ..." or "something comfortable" would be flannel jammies and bunny slippers.  Have we lost the art of dressing for seduction?  I think schools have taken that word out of the dictionary ... along with all the other words they fear might incite some type of emotional response.... We want our kids entertained, numb and unemotional .. pass the ritalin Kool-Aide please....


I think that is why seniors give in so easily and just hand themselves over to the dark side ... support hose, orthopedic shoes and polyester, elasticized waisted pants pulled up under the armpits.  Those pants were sheer genius for seniors ... not only do they help to stand up an elderly fragile person, they can provide lift and support for sagging breasts on both men and women.  Hike them just a bit higher and you have added support for diapers and the urge to let go in the middle of Walmart ...

So in conclusion .. seduction no longer exists on television or in our lives and it is all the fault of the seniors who abandon it because they probably have shares in polyester.

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