Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Whiter Shade of .... BS?


I love "Harvard Studies" and all the other important studies that billions of dollars of research grants go to because I just sooo understand the need for clarity on important issues .. like the one they did to determine what was the biggest consideration for women when they bought sunglasses .. you will all need to sit down for this one ...


Thank heavens they did a study on that one ..I would never have guessed ... never in a million years.  And thank heavens there are all kinds of really educated people to help explain that .. scientifically and all .. with pie charts and cool graphs.


My favourite is the one they did to determine personality type based on which cubicle you choose in the washroom.  They failed to take into account anything like .. I don't know ... availability ... how bad you have to pee, the cleanliness of the toilets in your choice parameters but hey don't try to convince them you are the shy retiring type if you most often choose cubicle 4.  These people know stuff .. important stuff ....


So if you ever want to bolster your argument on anything just make shit up and say .. "according to a recent Harvard study men who refuse to give their wives a new car have the smallest penises" and see how suddenly people start taking you seriously ... especially in that case ...your husband.

(Oh and have a fake ID with the last name Harvard on it so you can lie with a straight face .. practice in front of the mirror and then your mother in law .. when you have that licked .. you are good to go ...)

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