Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why City Fashion does not transfer to the Farm.


I loved 17 magazine growing up .. I would study it and recreate the looks. 

spps 2

Like when peasant dresses and clogs came out ... I got some ... I braided my hair,  and wandered out in the garden amongst the flowers standing wistfully ... imagining I was the model in those pictures .. hoping Myron the MilkMan  was driving today.  He was the local studmuffin and drove the big milktruck into the city each day .... what was not to love about that?  I used to imagine me and Myron pulling up to the spring prom ... in the milktruck ... I really allowed myself to dream big back in the day ....

And then Aardvaark (the grandfather) shows up bellowing as he walks by .... "Hey Heidi ... the peas need weeding, and go through the cabbages and pick off any caterpillars you see."

spps 3

Clogs and peasant dresses may look like fashion in the city ... in the country .. work gear ...

(oh and Myron the Milkman never showed but Joe the Chicken Boss from the local Hutterite colony came... he tried to trade two chickens for me.... he liked my dress but LOVED the clogs ... alot.)

SKIN: LeLutka
HAIR: Maitreya
LASHES: Silhouette
DRESS: Convoitise
SHOES: Nardcotix
BRACELET: Donna Flora
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