Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aww .. family time ...


I love watching families on vacation .. you can always spot them .. they are the SUV packed to the rafters with bikes and boxes of biscuits ... mom is on her cell phone, the kids each have a tv set of their own to watch AND an MP3 player in their ears for those dreadfully boring nano-seconds of silence between when people talk to one another.


The rainforests, mountains, oceans, wildlife.... they all flash by the car in a blur as dad concentrates on his GPS and has a book read to him electronically.

Then, when they arrive at their destination, there is a huge welcoming celebration and they get to meet the people they will be sharing a room with.


"Muffy .. this is your father, Dan."

"Dan .. meet your wife Alice."

"Biff you remember your older brother Andrew don't you?"

I think it is just the nature of the season that we are all brought together in such meaningful ways only if it is just until they sort out who is sleeping where. You can't buy those types of moments ....

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