Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Rush.

lca 3

I think it is wonderful to go to the mall ... see all the lights and decorations .. the music .. shopping for your loved ones ..Santa .. little kids with their eyes all aglow ...

lca 1

And the parents foaming at the mouth telling you to "F**k off," and "get the hell outta my way."

lca 2

I learn new swear words every year .. and usually from the grandmas rushing to pick up the last of the Christmas wool so they can finish their sock monkeys ... LOVVVE sock monkeys ....

You know, when they bash their shopping carts into me... and while I am doubled over on the cement floor, gasping for breath and vomiting I just smile and wish them "peace on earth."  'Cause that is the spirit of Christmas .. and once the egg nog kicks in I even get more lovey ....

HAIR: Mirai Style
SHOES: Nardcotix
SKIN: Glam Affair
POSES: Gesticulate
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