Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Similarities


Christmas is like a really bad virus going around .. you are sitting at your morning coffee trying to be all grumpy wumpy and then you look out your window and see the street by the office littered with the festive wrappings of Christmas condoms and it just seems to break down your last reserve ....


I always give in at moments like that and break out the rum to add to the coffee ... which everyone knows .. is really what Christmas is all about.

There are many more similarities between that first Christmas and real life today ...they should ask kids in school to analyze this like we had to do Shakespeare .. you know how every line he wrote had so much meaning in it and foreshadowing that it is absolute proof they were doing speed way back then .. the guy must have been awake for years thinking it all out...


Oh the rum in the coffee? Just like the INN that Joseph and Mary were to stay in .. that is where the drinking comes into Christmas.

Animals in a manger .. the relatives that come round for the holidays ... especially the ass bit ...

Swaddling Clothes ... the presents for the kids from the relatives on the other side of the planet who think size 2 is ridiculous and so they add 10 points to that and swear everyone wears MU-MU's there.

The three wise men following the star - the way we follow other people around in a parking lot trying to finish our Christmas shopping so they can lead us to their stall and we can have it when they go.

King Herod looking for their butts so he could kill the baby ... debt collectors in the New Year once the bills start coming in.

The "flocks by night" - I think the sheep got lost in the translation  and somehow now we substituted turkeys .. that are grown in the dark though ...

Herald Angels Singing - pfft no brainer .. this of course refers to Alvin and the Chimpmunks Christmas Carols.

Life is just one big circle isn't it?

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LASHES: Amacci
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