Friday, December 17, 2010

The Fa La Laaing


You have to appreciate that someone thought ahead to the Christmas parties when everyone would be drunk and forget all the words and we would no longer be able to say disgusting things like "Christmas."


Now everyone can be part of the festivities "la la laaing" away ..


I mean how appropriate is it that we have a perfect song with words used when people forget the real words for a holiday where we forget why we even have it ... I mean come on ... this surely qualifies for a miracle.  Now that we are discounting Jesus and all ... we should celebrate really meaningful things .... like this.  I can't wait until Valentines Day becomes another "happy holiday" and we finally give gallbladders and spleens the same hallmark time that hearts have monopolized all these years.

We should just go ahead and create equality across the board .. Not "Silent Night," -  "Silent anytime."  Not "Santa Clause is coming to town" ... "Oprah is coming to town."  Not "Hark The Herald Angels Sing," - "Hark the American Idol Sings."  Lets keep it fresh and relevant.  Oh hell lets just be real and call it "Happy Most Commercial Day of the Year Day." 

Could someone hand me a tissue please ... progress is always so heartwarming and meaningful .... lets hold hands around the "holiday plant" .. fa la la, la la, la la la la ......

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