Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jennifer Candy!!


Candy and sweets are such an important part of Chrtistmas traditions ... whats not to love about endless candy canes ... left over from last year, handed out by a cheap santa in the mall ... I mean you ask children the world over, "tell us boys and girls, what is YOUR favourite candy in the whole world?"  The unified chorus is overwhelming ....


"We LOVVVVVVE Peppermint!!!"  (especially the kind that comes from Grandma's purse in church and is all furry and smells of stale perfume ... YUMMMMO!!!)

And that bag of hard candy with spice flavours and little flowers in the middle ... whooot .. don't the kids go crazy for that crap?

So it is no wonder that doctors in the US decided to do a study .... evidently obesity is linked to having a sweet tooth.  Which is just one more reason why I advocate having teethectomies and giving children dentures as soon as possible ... I thought it was just to save on dental bills but now here is the proof that it will also cut down on obesity and therefore save our medical system! 

Until this new law can be passed ... just throw away the peppermint .. please ... for the love of children everywhere ... it should not be introduced to their diet until they are at least 67.

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