Thursday, December 2, 2010

Power Tools would Have Been So Helpful In HighSchool.


There are some add-ons to our technological cornucopia of tools that would have been so helpful in highschool.


Like the Stud finder .. imagine being at a dance when "those boys" ... you know the ones I mean .. clearly pass right by you as they scout out fresh meat to dance with ...acting like they are all that.  You could walk up to them, pull the stud finder out of your purse, point and click at each one of them in turn and look at the reading and go ... "nope ... not a single stud in the group ..." and move on.


Or the girls who tell you that you are not even on the map and act like they are sooo much better than you and you are not worthy to breathe air on the same planet with them ...That is when you pull out the GPS in front of them and type in their name, study the screen, ask if there might be an alternate spelling, and then show them .. "NOPE ... you can't be on any map if the GPS can't find you!"

Stay tuned for next time when I tell you all about the magic a little duct tape and a stapler can work on snotty girls left alone in the washroom with you ....
SKIN: League
HAIR: Liriope
JEWELLERY: Shade Throne
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