Sunday, January 9, 2011

Black Fur Bolero - Better than a Life Jacket.


Eshi Otawara has done her usual high standard attention to detail that signatures all her pieces with this fantastic Black Fur Bolero. I love it cause it makes me feel like a cross between Dr. Zhivago and a cute little kitty. But just a word of caution .. It works best in snow. It is a little warm for the tropics and when it is raining you just look like a drowned cat WHICH still makes it probably the most valuable piece in my wardrobe.

When the boats come by to rescue us from the floods, from a distance people will say … "oh my look …. a little kitty is on that roof, all wet and crying … hurry let's rescue the kitty first." See kitties elicit a lot more compassion. Usually I get … "oh look that middle aged woman is standing on her roof naked blubbering away. Paddle harder everyone, I don't think she saw us !" For animals, they throw people out of the boat to make room. My cow costume is somewhere under water now so this Fur Bolero came just in time.

Eshi is just one of some 22 of Second Life's hottest designers taking part in a new store called Designers Showcase. Each month they will have a whole new set of exciting fashions for you to see. You will definitely want to add this store to your regular rounds.

PS - I really do love this … I only blog what I love … I didn't blog the outfit that made me look like a salamander that I got from a guy naked under his trench coat selling high fashion on a street corner in SL.
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