Monday, January 3, 2011

Buffalos, Wings, and Things


It all started on Boxing Day when my parents announced that my brother was on the lamb again.  I feel sorry for the lambs, whenever my brother is in trouble he heads for the sheep and that is just more evidence that being a sheep is not a good thing.  Prairie people instinctively know that .. that is why they went for cows mainly ... well they tried buffalo and some still do (slow learners).


You can't milk a buffalo cause if they accidentally kick you they actually kick your bucket not just the milk bucket.  It is so embarrassing to show up in the obituaries as death by buffalo ... I mean prairie families can be ruined by that kind of thing.   And you can't have a 4-H buffalo club cause you actually have to guarantee the safety of the farm families when you do those shows and everyone takes an oath of allegiance with secret handshakes that they will always make it look like 4-H is the funnest thing ever and that people are not actually being assimilated to be the future feed lot operators of the world which is actually what is happening ... even in the sewing and cooking clubs ... someone has to feed and clothe the feed lot guys.


And you can't call a buffalo "fluffy" or "snowball" on account of buffalo's do not have a sense of humour ... I think they are still pissed about "Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump," although in another time and place they might have called it a "bungy jump" and everyone would have had a completely different take on the experience.

Anyway by the end of boxing day my head hurt and I blame my brother .. he started it .. so I went out and had some buffalo wings which I think they bred out of the buffalos with all the genetic stuff they did trying to make them cows  ..... which is a shame .. I love those things ...

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HAIR: Logo & Kin
LASHES: Amacci
SCARF: Lemania
TOP: Linc
LEGGINGS: Spirit Store
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POSES: Del May
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