Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dehydrated Frogs.


I think perhaps frogs in Australia dehydrate during the drought and then with the rain, more and more of them have water added, are stirred .. and voila .. a virtual cornucopia of frogdom.


Like they are so loud you cannot hear yourself think ... you cannot watch television .. you cannot hear planes jets flying right over the top of your house breaking the sound barrier.  They are dangerous .. what if Publishers Clearing House was at your door and you could not hear the doorbell????  Every night 90 million frogs sing .. all at the same time ... different songs, all out of key!  Some of them have worked out the best acoustics .. choosing the downpipes or somewhere under the patio so that they get full echo effect .. amplifying their contributions 1000 times ..

You can't sleep.

It could be all very symbolic .. you know with Pais and I starting the new company Women Who Dance With Frogs ... but like I never extended any invitation to the frogs ...  Maybe the heavens are communicating with me .. yes yes .. you dance and they will come ....

So last night after laying in bed for hours staring at the ceiling and listening to the noise I decided it had to be God trying to tell me something .... so I got up and started to dance on the bed.  My hubby never noticed (sound sleeper) until I pirouetted and lept into the air and came down and bounced him out of bed onto the floor...



"It is 3 AM ....did you take your medication?  Do I need to call an ambulance?"

"No silly, it is the call of the frogs .. I am a woman who dances with frogs .. remember???  The heavens are communicating .. when life throws you frogs ...get up and dance!  Isn't it wonderful??"

"It is 3 FREAKING AM in the morning and you are dancing on the bed.  No it is not wonderful .. it is ridiculous."

"... well you are just being difficult and all grumpy wumpy .. try harder !   See I was in bed, the frogs were calling, I got up and danced and then this is where the music is supposed to start and the close-up comes and you are supposed to suddenly realize how meaningful life is and cry a bit ..."

"Not sure if you noticed but Steven Spielberg is not here in the room with us .. no-one is filming you ...."

My hubby is such a realist.... he doesn't even believe in the tooth fairy  - even though I had his brother dress up in a tutu and leave him money under his pillow one night .. he failed to see the magic in it and woke up and saw his brother and screamed and then his brother assaulted him with the wand (self defence)  I try so hard to help him but I finally realized last night... I  can't give him back the magic.

Then he said a bunch of other things and wrecked the mood completely and even the frogs stopped singing he was such a kill joy ....

He went to sleep muttering something about "stupid woman," "dancing with frogs," "OMG I should have listened to my mother"...etc ....

I blame Paisley for everything  ...

LASHES: Garage
HAIR: Truth
DRESS: Ingenue
NECKLACE: Mix N Match -no longer available :(
SHOES: Haysuriza
POSES: Twosome
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