Monday, January 31, 2011

For A Good Time.


You know there is no need to go without fun just cause the economy has taken a turn for the worse ...


One of the things my kids really enjoyed was face painting.  I mean I know my kids complain sometimes now .. they think they are too old now they are married with their own kids but I never listen to them any other time so I ignore them.   Face Painting can be expensive .... who can afford all that clown make-up etc now with money being so tight .. so ...

I like to pile the family into the car and head right down Neiman Marcus and to the make-up department where they have lots of testers for you to try out for FREE!!!  I really like the MAC counter cause they have some of the brightest colour choices.  I just sit the kids down and do their little faces right there!!  OH and take a little baggy cause they frequently put out free coffee beans near the perfume - who says the beauty industry does not have a heart??


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