Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Frogs Don't Listen.


Men amuse me ... they yell at other drivers and say bad words .. when the other drivers can't hear them ...


My husband yells at the frogs to shut-up when he is trying to watch television. They don't speak Australish. They ignore him.

His tools don't respond when he lectures them on their inability to get the job done.

The book case from Ikea really turned a deaf ear to his ranting, it didn't even respond when he made a rude remark about Scandinavians in general ...


So I don't know why he is so surprised that the children and I don't listen to him. I mean it is not like we play golf with him and are stuck in the same buggy with him for 18 holes ..

SKIN: Curio
HAIR: Analog Dog
LASHES: Wasabi
TOP: Garage
JEANS: Garage
SHOES: Baby Monkey
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