Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Green Green Grass of Home.


[10:13 PM] Bliss Windlow: ya ..... I am so over fairies
[10:13 PM] Bliss Windlow: they cheated me out of my childhood
[10:14 PM] Elusyve Jewell: especially that bitch the tooth fairy
[10:14 PM] Bliss Windlow: omg yes!!! Had it not been for her I would have been into drugs so much earlier and having a good time ... Instead my parents were like no no it doesn't hurt at all think about the money the tooth fairy will leave you ... ya like pffft 25 cents takes you soo far in this life. Thanks mom.
[10:15 PM] Elusyve Jewell: yup yup.. instead of being a toothess farm girl
[10:15 PM] Bliss Windlow: so true so true ....
[10:15 PM] Bliss Windlow: sigh .... sometimes I get so nostalgic for all that I lost ...
[10:16 PM] Bliss Windlow: I still find myself wandering the prairies sometimes looking for my teeth
[10:16 PM] Bliss Windlow: but with soil erosion and alll .. they could be anywhere
[10:16 PM] Elusyve Jewell: kinda like ..who has seen the wind... but rather.. who has seen my teeth...
[10:17 PM] Bliss Windlow: yes ...... or gone with the topsoil
[10:17 PM] Elusyve Jewell: oi oi
[10:17 PM] Bliss Windlow: I will have to blog all this you know ...


It's true .. there are all kinds of bodies and things disposed of across the prairies amongst the corn and the wheat .... it is a wasteland for all mans inhumanity to man ....


I am basing this on the fact I found my missing Barbie doll head one summer and an arm the next .. both in a wheat field in the back 40. I know my brother did it. Good thing I made sure his GI-Joes NEVER see the light of day again.

I guess to be completely factual .. this would be "woman's inhumanity to man."

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