Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Blame Hollywood.


I love to watch the dresses on the red carpets and see the innuendo and scathing and lustful looks thrown around. I love betting on which is going to wear out first .. the vaseline on their teeth or their newly implanted cheekies, as the light bulbs flash flash flash. I love dripping oozing suck upping and the faces of the losers trying to be happy as they fumble with their purses on their laps, out of camera range, for the good drugs and a knife .. whichever they happen to find first.


I actually had a red carpet moment of my own .... wherein I suddenly appeared in the light of the door way and people looked up at me and gasped and everyone wanted to know what I was wearing. It happened the last time my mother in law was here and she screamed out ... WHO THE HELL DRESSES YOU??? SEQUINED JAMIES WITH FEET? SON .. PUT HER BACK IN HER ROOM, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ....

My hubby asked me later, "What were you thinking? You know mom has a sensitive stomach?"

"Three words babe, Helena Bonham Carter."

SKIN: Candy Doll
LASHES: The Abyss
HAIR: Maitreya
DRESS: Gallery Fumiwo
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