Thursday, January 20, 2011

Imaginary Friends

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Imaginary friends have always been part of our family. My brother was this guy Anthony's imaginary friend for years and we finally had to tell my brother he could come out from under the bed when Anthony was over ... we could see his foot sticking out .. which technically meant he was not qualified to be imaginary. I told him he sucked at being invisible and he should probably just move far away to save the family the profound shame we all felt now that he had failed.

My daughter struggled to let go of her imaginary friend ...

"Why can't I have an imaginary friend?"
"Because they are not real and children need to play with real children in their own neighbourhoods. At 21 you need to let go, seriously.... you have to let go."
"She's real to me."
"Yes, but when she plays first base for your baseball team, have you noticed she always misses the ball? You don't need friends like that ...."
"So, because she sucks at baseball, you think I should kick her to the curb? What kind of mom are you? Ha, if there is someone in this relationship who needs to get "real" that would be you ... MOM ....Do I ever say a word when you talk about Paisley Paisley Paisley? Do I? There is no Paisley. There is no Bliss. Grandma says you are whacked you know."

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That is a really tough talk to have with your child but in the end we sorted it all out. I showed her pictures of Grandma at her last bridge club meeting when she had too much sherry, my daughters baseball team continues to lose, and Paisley and I are having lunch.

I really do adore happy endings.

Al Vulo!
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