Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is It A Bad Thing?


So I know this young woman who is being totally irresponsible. I know, I know, when shit like that happens with "young people" we are so shocked .. But not quite as shocked as I am to hear myself say "young people" .....but for the purpose of offending an entire generation and removing myself from that irresponsible grouping we will refer to them throughout this blog as that ok? (I have a headache now)


Anyway she is irresponsible, got pregnant and now is drinking and smoking to help her while away the long 9 months until she gets a fun fun fun little doll to play with. So I started posting videos on her facebook about what happens to babies whose moms drink and smoke during pregnancy and she banned me. Can you believe it????

So I made all my friends give me their names and log-ins so I can keep going on her page and saying … this is NOT Heloise Ignatius .. This is me again … BLISS .... and are you still drinking and smoking????

And then I reported her to CentreLink and you know what they told me???

"Stop harassing her on Facebook!"  It's none of my business. So now I am trying to find the doctor who did not put her on the depo shot again because "her getting pregnant was the least of her concerns" ….I have a car and I am not afraid to dent it ….

Oh my hubby says he doesn't care what Dr. Phil says … I need to be medicated ...

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