Monday, January 10, 2011

The Long Nights of Fear ....


So last night I was complaining about my ankle hurting and worrying that maybe in the fall I actually broke it and they missed it in the obvious response to the toe and my hubby goes … "nah .. probably just referred pain...


Well of course it is referred pain … it is exactly the pain I was referring to … men are sooo dumb sometimes.

When I finally went to bed last night I tried not to make any noise … I tried not to move but I kept falling asleep and rolling over on my "Mr. Ducky" and making him squeak. Finally my hubby sat bolt upright in bed, turned on the light, threw back the covers and yelled, "WTF????"

Then he lectured me for almost an hour on how wearing water wings , Mr. Ducky, and gum boots to bed was not sensible OR romantic. The fact we are living under the threat of an imminent flood is no reason to get all stupid and interrupt normalcy. Then he made me take them off and put them in the other room.


I told you .. All men ever think about is sex.

SKIN: Aimesi
HAIR: W&Y Hair
LASHES: The Abyss
MAKE-UP: amperlope
DRESS: VelvetRythms
POSES: Del May Poses
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