Monday, January 17, 2011


Megan 2

I still find it amusing that names conjour up ideas of what a person should look like.  I think that whole "numerology-vibrational-sun is in the seventh house of Witchita" thing may have something to it.  The universe pulls the molecules together to create a "Megan" and seriously ... I don't know about you but all "Megan's" look the same to me .. I just cannot tell them apart.  So you have to think about these things and really consider if you WANT your child to be named after someone in the family.  Take a really good look at Grandma and ask yourself if you really want your "cute as a button," baby to have purple tinted hair, that big mole, and hair chins ....

Megan 1

I mean Grandma can pull it off ... not so sure about a kid in kindergarten.

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