Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Proof ...


Whoa ..more evidence that my neighbours are vampires .. they were out walking this morning, and from my vantage point in the bushes I could see .. they were NOT casting any shadow!! It's true. So I followed them and even though I was underneath a car, up in a tree, and behind the garbage cans .. I could see clearly ...not a single shadow.


I figured .. you know .. you can't just go on one time so the next time they were out for a walk .. I followed them again (but this time I had a steak and some garlic ... I was not sure what to do with them but all I know is - they protect you from vampires .. maybe if they attack you invite them to a barbeque or something, I don't know ...) and guess what???? .. THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED!!

So I ran home to tell my hubby .. so proud of myself that I had not just run to him after the first time and he could like be Mr. Dismissive and all ... I hate it when he tries to be all reasonable and shit and ruins my hysteria ... it is such a downer. I told him and he was like ... "You do know that there are not always shadows to be seen right?"

"Oh ya .. like tell me one time when it is non vampirical to NOT have a shadow?"

"I can give you two."

"Of course you can..."

"When it is cloudy, like it was this morning, and when it is night time like it is now."

I looked at him, and out the door at the neighbours. He might not see it but I could see through their brighly coloured shorts and tops, their feeble attempts to blend in, their knowing to only walk when they had a reasonable explanation for no shadow ....and I turned to my husband and said ...


"Get naked, I need to check you for vampire tracks ..."

SKIN: AL Vulo!
LASHES: Amacci
SHOES: NX Nardcotix
SUIT: UK Couture
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