Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brotherly Love .. or not ....


Ok so this year I decided that I need to be kinder to my brother. Except … that I cannot stand my brother. He is the reason that I missed out on the first 15 minutes of Love Story at the drive in on account of he left me locked in the trunk so he could play baseball with his new girlfriend when he knew darn well Aardvark and Humpydora (the grandparents) were counting on me and my profound ability to tattle, to make sure that the rumours they had heard about Drive-ins was just an unfortunate misunderstanding.


It wasn't and I am pretty sure they knew it .. I mean when they used to get in their wagons and drive out to the evening puppet shows down behind the cow shed …. they themselves were participating in recreational kissing … so believe me they knew. The dilemma for them was .. hand us both over to Satan OR a quiet evening at home without us. Quiet always won. I don't think my Grandfather was that afraid of Satan on account of he was a firm believer in being able to beat his children into accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. He didn't need Satan.

So ya .. The big decision. I am going to be kinder to my brother. Unfortunately he is still lost in the mountains somewhere … I can't remember where I buried him.


If anyone knows where I can get a new brother. I am taking applications now. I promise I will be nice to them. Oh and I need references. I have had one guy apply all ready and he was such a baby about having the monitor strapped to his leg with duct tape that I should have known. He managed to gnaw it off his leg and run away after only 24 hours ….

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