Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Snowballs Chance.


I don't know why they say,  "a Snowballs chance in hell" … I grew up in hell and let me tell you snowball could have had a chance even though it was a white out in the wheat field and the combine did not have snow tires ..... Poor "Snowball "... she was a good cow …..


Still .. she had a chance. She could have been born a different colour, she could have zigged instead of zagging, she could have attended church more regularly and mattered more to God. What if she had been named something different?? Like, "Binkster," or "Fluffy" ... that would have put a whole new spin on hell wouldn't it have? If her name was "moo moo" it would have explained a lot about all the seniors in retirement villages in Florida.

But yes,  Snowball died and I like to think Hell gave her some kind of chance....being as she was a good cow and often helped the tipped cows when they were down and out. The funeral was very sad … it was one of those rare moments when a whole community paused to reflect on how the law of the land demanded the best of us, taking no prisoners, but eventually taking us all home. I could hear the land gently laughing and strangely, I could also hear Aunt Hilda singing a really inappropriate sea shanty even though when she was still alive she only sang football songs.  The cows gathered to reflect on the severity of life on the prairie and then it was time to go .....the cattle liner was waiting to take them all in to the meat packing plant …


We were having a barbeque.

HAIR: Amacci
LASHES: Garage
DRESS: PixelDolls
SHOES: Baby Monkey
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