Saturday, January 8, 2011

Softly Into The Night.


It is sooo romantic to be on drugs ... everything looks much mushhhier and you love everyone ...


The pain dulls (see here) and hubby is there beside you being all sweet and "can he get you anything" and then it is like .... "seriously you need to get some sleep"

 and "hey do you have any idea how much pain your foot is going to be in when the drugs wear off?"

 and then "seriously I need to get some sleep."


And then the drugs wear off and it is back to screaming and no-one sleeps anyway ...

And because I make such a great patient, I just keep telling my hubby .... "someday we will look back on all of this and laugh .. but it is ok you can cry a bit more if you need to ..."

SKIN: Aimesi
HAIR: Miamai and Boon
LASHES: Aimesi
DRESS: DK Designs
SHOES: Coriander
POSES: Glitterati
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